Reaches the lithium business school sixth issue to teach a course, practices the market service up t

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The lithium ion battery industry took China “35” and “45” the period prioritize new energy, in the new energy automobile and the new material three big industry overlapping industry, the country has appeared a series of support lithium ion battery industry support policy, leads the Chinese lithium ion battery market to maintain the high speed growth situation directly.

 In 2019 Nanjing will unfold the duration, the lithium electricity profession senior expert proposed explicitly the profession future will be at the fast development phase, the profession pending optimization promotion; Simultaneously carries on the production system, the management system construction.But the technical promotion, the market service promotion is its effective way.

 On December 8, 2019, reaches the lithium business school sixth issue, practices the market service training grand hold up to the brand depth, comes from each place near hundred lithium electricity profession jobholders to participation together, two day-long training are for the purpose of the organization general students understanding comprehensively the grasping lithium electricity market profession present situation and the PACK technology new knowledge new method, the practical enhancement is employed ability level, the enhancement skill and market service consciousness to the lithium electricity development support ability, the promotion lithium electricity profession healthy development.

 In training period, reached lithium electron chief strategy official Mr. Qiu Chengxu to unify own is employed the experience attending colleague to exchange shared the general situation view which the enterprise developed and if carried on the detail to control.Reached lithium business school Chair Song Lu great and the marketing department person in charge also separately has made the profound solid exchange explanation on the lithium electricity profession market present situation and the trend of development and the lithium electricity PACK technology in everybody.

 Reaches the lithium electron limited company to organize lithium electricity profession training, is for the purpose of road of for the lithium electricity profession exploration development; For the profession, fulfills the brand enterprise range pole service; Is employed individual for the profession, the promotion technology service quality and the skill level, are the profession practitioner provide an exchange study the platform, finally realizes the enterprise to additionally receive, market good development service prospect.

 Reaches the lithium business school, through market operation, skill promotion, profession exchange, depth practice enterprise depth market service.Through the exchange cooperation, makes the acting and the contribution for the lithium electricity profession development.Through business school this platform, with each the man of insight who has “the lithium” to think, altogether will create altogether wins the future!

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