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On November 8, the 5th phase of lithium battery industry exchange study was held in lithium business school. With the theme of "promoting the study and exchange of the domestic industry, promoting the application of the professional technology in the lithium power industry, and boosting the development of the lithium power industry", adhering to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, common improvement, build a platform of dialogue between customers and manufacturers in the lithium power industry, form synergy, and jointly promote the healthy development of the lithium power market.

Field of lithium business school dean and the song dynasty of lithium market leadership and strategic development department and the industry manufacturers: ChiLi pie, warty tong, has its own strength and development potential, and some other manufacturers representatives and lithium electricity industry colleagues from all over the country gathered to lithium electricity market prospects, technological learning and lithium electricity intelligent management for the sharing. Different from the ordinary industry exchange conference, the lithium business school learning exchange activity presents three highlights.

First, analyze the market with data and display the development prospect with the market

Now of lithium, head of the business market with lithium electricity market in recent years and on October 25, 2019 at the 37th in nanjing jiangsu international electric vehicle and parts trade fair, high industry Gao Xiaobing, vice President of the institute of the Chinese light vehicle market prospect analysis with lithium batteries, on the basis of the report to the lithium battery industry development are analyzed.

All kinds of data show that lithium battery development in China ushered in an unprecedented excellent market prospects. And the development of lithium power, lithium power industry between enterprises to exchange and cooperation has brought great imagination. The enterprise is strong in the technology, the customer is strong in the market force. The market wants to have better technology, better capacity, and the healthy share of enterprises and products also need a huge market as a driving force. And the lithium business school is a combination of market needs and manufacturers demand; Naturally, it has become an important bridge of communication between the two.

Second, zero distance contact, bright spots, supply demand docking into the focus

It is reported that the event gathered a number of well-known enterprises in the industry, including capacity, aging, film, power supply and many other industry supply enterprises to focus on display; Share experience with market partners on site to provide services for the further collaborative development of lithium battery market.

Third, to promote cooperation through communication and win-win cooperation, the value of the business school is reflected

On the 8th of every month, the industry exchange conference with the theme of "lithium electricity industry development exchange" will be held. This is an attempt of da li business school, hoping to promote the promotion and in-depth cooperation before the supply and demand of lithium electricity industry through concentrated negotiation, in addition to the on-site speech, study, visit and experience.

Since the establishment of lithium business school, we are committed to building a bridge of communication and exchange between lithium industry, promoting the complementary cooperation between the two sides, so as to achieve a win-win situation.

Collaboration development, lithium future brilliant

It is worth mentioning that through this exchange, a large number of participants will focus on visiting and experiencing enterprises in the supply industry through the platform of da li business school. Through further detailed understanding and communication, they will usher in more benefits and opportunities.

Through the wonderful stage of the lithium business school, the lithium power industry elites gather together and develop together, the lithium power industry will achieve a better future!

The 8th of every month! No matter in the wind, rain!

We are waiting for you in da li business school!

Are you ready for the 6th issue on December 8th?

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