On November 8th, dalian lithium business school, which will open five sessions, will look at corpora

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With the end of the fourth phase of the service platform of the lithium business school, we have also welcomed the students of the fifth phase of the business school. In the later students' return visit, we heard many students' recognition of learning and profit sharing, but there are still many students who have not heard of da-li business school or only know about it, but do not know it very well. Today, I would like to talk with you about the value of business school.

Do not create business, only customer business service

Lithium business school was up to unclog the lithium electronic enterprise culture, enterprise strategy and industry as the core, the use of scene teaching, field training, industry market analysis, information exchange set a variety of courses at an organic whole, it based on the building industry overall learning communication, through the industry information import and marketing of development of the learning mode of forming industry knowledge learning, communication resources, market development analysis result, eventually become a powerful weapon to promote the development of industry. In other words, da li business school is only a learning and exchange platform to promote the development of lithium electricity market, and it will not have any interference or interest exchange on business cooperation. It is just an exchange and connection of information about supply and demand. Through the business school, it provides an opportunity for the business activities of lithium electric industry to have a deep understanding of each other.

Improve your skills to help your business

Individual operators or new start-up enterprises engaged in PACK manufacturing in lithium battery industry can learn professional knowledge on the spot and improve their skills. Through better technology output, they can obtain good market recognition for their own operation and help their business promotion.

Industry information update, access to better market opportunities, business opportunities

Lithium business school will invite lithium battery the whole industry chain associated enterprises in the learning exchange to everyone exchange the latest market information, the latest market information trends, students can through the information to understand the latest changes in the market, timely do their own market layout, to obtain market advantages.

Exchange industry resources to obtain the best market resources

Through the service platform of da li business school, customers can communicate with high-quality suppliers in the industry to obtain the best product supply, so as to play a good market and provide the most competitive products.

Market management strategy learning, life to career transformation, do market competition upgrade

At present, the lithium battery industry is mostly operated by individual stores, with small enterprises and poor management ability, unable to form its own influence advantage. Through the development of market operation courses, we can complete the transformation of operators' thinking from small business operation to enterprise market operation, shape their own market influence through quality and service, and complete the upgrading of market competition.

Of lithium business school will be more like-minded colleagues hand in hand with lithium electricity industry, industry healthy and rapid development for the concept, establish various plate training development system, building specialization, the combat team construction, elite lithium electricity industry, and establish a strong strategic service organization system, improve overall professional skills and comprehensive quality, for the enterprise, to the market and to try for the development of the society, with the practical action to write a new chapter for the future!

November 8, continue to write brilliant! Li business school, we see you!

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