From November 8, the fifth session of the lithium business school to see the service extension value

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The nanjing exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Each big exhibition company began to summarize the results of the exhibition statistics. Compared with other lithium electricity protection system (BMS) development company, dongguan electronic co., LTD., the exhibition of lithium in addition to the lithium battery intelligent plate, large current li-ion battery protective plate, and a variety of small current li-ion battery protective plate products such as dressed up, attracted the interest of the view of many exhibitors at the scene and attention, another enterprise service idea is to cause the attention of small and medium-sized lithium electricity customers.

On October 8, 2019, the fourth session of dalion business school, established by dongguan dalion electronics co., LTD, started smoothly. At the same time, the lithium business school students, also has nearly 300 people, distributed in many cities across the country. This marks that after the initial trial operation, da li business school has formally completed the hardware layout and service building required for the national lithium power industry to provide services.

With the gradually development of lithium electricity industry, entrepreneurs and industry practitioners to study the growing demand for the product knowledge market information service system, in the market of parody, however, few organizations and platforms can according to the actual needs of customers and the industry, combined with the latest market information, online, offline while providing system, frontier, the learning of the knowledge of business services.

The purpose of da li business school is not only to enable customers and practitioners to learn and communicate offline, but also to form a good connection of resources through communication, so as to provide cognitive upgrading services for everyone, which has become the value of the business school. Lithium in such a background, the school of "product + technology + services" as unique positioning, and from two aspects of curriculum content system and teaching hardware technology layout constantly iteration, in improving the efficiency of course at the same time, also reduces the industry resources information about time, effort, cost, to provide personnel across the country have real service system, to use, can be born of industry.

At present, lithium college has opened several courses, covering lithium electric industry incubation, lithium electric basic knowledge, basic level advanced teaching, brand positioning and other courses, including technology learning, industry information analysis, market operation and other business operations.

In order to further reflect the essence of business school education, dalian lithium business school will set up several Shared video classrooms in the next step to completely break through the "technology + content + service" model and provide high-quality business school courses for colleagues in the lithium industry across the country. For the growth and development of lithium power industry to make their own responsibility and contribution.

In the future, lithium business school will develop more courses and services in more fields, make use of cutting-edge ideas and technological means to improve the popularity of education in the industry, promote the continuous growth of enterprises, and promote the sound development of social economy. Also look forward to more industry elite hand in hand up to lithium, seize the opportunity to win the future!

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