The fourth phase of lithium business school (market, technology, brand) has been successfully comple

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In the golden autumn of October, shannan haibei, nearly one hundred colleagues from all over the country from the lithium industry gather up lithium, lithium industry exchange learning platform on the 8th of every month, October 8, 2019, lithium business school scheduled to start classes!
As an exchange and learning platform for lithium electric industry, dali-business school is an opportunity for dongguan dali-electronics co., ltd. to create communication and learning opportunities for the industry. Through the platform of the business school, many excellent enterprises in the lithium battery industry can communicate with customers and obtain more market information and market resources. Lithium business school can provide a variety of courses and train students to master the basic knowledge and skills of the current lithium battery PACK in the way of high and low subjects. Through course learning and industry information exchange, you can get through the confusion of choice, supply and technology in the market, so that every participant can attract the attention of local market consumers in the market competition, to meet the growing needs of the market.
Lithium in the curriculum, school this give full consideration to the needs of students, for beginners to learn basic knowledge and practice is given priority to, through the study of basic knowledge of lithium electricity equipment field, understand points for lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery aging test, nickel spot welding operation key points of the operation, by students in the form of operating generation learn more quickly understand those. While for senior students, through communication, focus on concerns about the technical difficulties in interpretation, and analysis on market development clear for everyone to do the next step development planning, let every one of us have clear cognition to their own management confusion, and through the supply chain resources docking, let everybody can better build the quality of the market.
Through clear market analysis, skill learning and industry information docking, da li business school enables the participants to not only improve their professional skills, but also have a new understanding of the industry. Through in-depth understanding of high-quality resources in the industry, the healthy development and promotion of the whole lithium power supply and demand industry can be achieved.
To provide you with a platform for learning and communication, next we hope to cooperate more closely with related enterprises in the industry, improve the service in practice, and find a better way for the healthy development of lithium battery through platform communication. We cannot predict the future, but we will still incorporate the elements of competence that we foresee now into the curriculum. Keep thinking about the changes in education, keep imagining and picturing the future, and it will become clearer and clearer. Come on, lithium! Refueling lithium electric person!
8! Next November 8th! The fifth phase of the lithium business school will be as scheduled as always! Have the idea of lithium electric people, we in the lithium business school waiting for your arrival!!!!!!

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