The wiring method of 15A parallel BMS module

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(The BMS and parallel BMS modules must be used together and can't be mixed using. Wiring should be done according to the purchased parallel BMS module corresponding to the current.)


Method 1 (the BMS and the parallel BMS module wire are not connected): After the BMS is assembled, when the parallel BMS module is connected to the BMS, first       connect the parallel BMS modules P-wire to the BMS (the common port is connected to the BMS P-wire, and the separate port is connected to the BMS C- wire), and     then connect B- and B+ in turn . After the wire is connected, first plug the BMS and parallel BMS module ports, then the B+ port, and plug the control signal wire to the protection board finally;


Method 2 (BMS and parallel BMS module lines are connected): first plug the BMS and parallel BMS module ports, then plug into the B+ port, and finally plug into the control signal line to the BMS;


※Please strictly follow the above two methods for wiring, please operate in sequence if the wiring sequence is reversing, it will cause damage to the parallel BMS module .


※The wiring method of 5A and 15A parallel BMS module:

5A and 15A parallel protectors have 2 outlets and 4 wires . The red B+ wire is connected to the total positive pole of the battery pack, the black starting wire with a terminal is connected to the DO port of the BMS, the blue B- wire is connected to the total negative pole of the battery pack or the B- wire  of the BMS, and the black black P- with no port wire is connected to the negative pole of the load or the BMS P -Wire .

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