Nanjing exhibition ended successfully, lithium electronic potential energy to lead the future!

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On the afternoon of October 27, the 3-day nanjing exhibition ended successfully. Dongguan da li electronics co., LTD. In this exhibition with the company's lithium battery smart plate, high-current lithium protection plate and a variety of low-current lithium protection plate and other products dressed appearance, the latest development results and product philosophy da li. It has attracted the interest and attention of many exhibitors.

1. According to authoritative analysis, lithium battery has become an important trend of energy development

On October 25, at the 37th jiangsu international electric vehicle and parts trade fair held in nanjing, gao xiaobing, vice President of high-tech industry research institute, made a report on the market prospect analysis of lithium battery for light vehicles in China. This is the first third-party authoritative research report on lithium batteries in China's e-bike industry since the implementation of the new national standard.

This research report is formed on the basis of a large number of field research on lithium battery for light vehicle and its upstream and downstream enterprises in China, as well as face-to-face interviews with leading figures in the industry. It provides a basis for the analysis of lithium battery electric bicycle industry.

Lithium electric performance advantage is obvious, will break the existing bicycle battery competition

High energy density, long cycle life, lightweight and other characteristics of lithium battery, maintenance cost reduction; Moreover, driven by Internet plus and Shared travel, the single competitive advantage of traditional lead-acid batteries will be broken.

The proportion of lithium battery continues to rise, China lithium battery cost advantage will continue to reflect

After years of development, the product technology of lithium battery in China is gradually mature and the industrial chain is quite complete. In the past, the cost and price problems that troubled the popularity of lithium battery are gradually solved. From this year's market situation, the major brands of lithium battery market pricing has a certain degree of decline, in the energy density is larger, more clean environmental protection, more lightweight and many other product advantages, lithium battery will gradually erode the traditional lead-acid battery market share, usher in a broader space for development.

More than ten years ago, the application of lithium battery in electric vehicle has been widely discussed, but due to many factors such as technology, cost and market form, it has never become the mainstream, and the market share remains below 3%. But with the upgrading of consumer demand and the implementation of the new national standards of electric vehicles, electric vehicles industry a new round of product restructuring and technology upgrading has been imminent, and as the power core of electric vehicles battery, is bound to usher in a real lithium electrochemical era!

(the above information comes from industry media: electric car headlines)

Authoritative data can be seen from the market, the future lithium electricity market will usher in rapid development phase, and as an important component of lithium-ion battery lithium battery protection system (BMS) also will inevitably become the hot spot in the industry, which is the exhibition of lithium, for example the development and manufacture of lithium battery protection system enterprise one of the reasons for attendance customer care.

2, the strength of the enterprise has become the focus of attention

In the lithium battery protection system (BMS) industry, most enterprises are still in the initial stage of development, and the product technology content is not high. In addition to the lack of capital and talent and other aspects of the problem, seriously restrict the improvement of technological innovation ability of enterprises. No ability to develop or manufacture their own products.

Since the establishment of the company, lithium electronics from the beginning, the product research and development and quality as the life of the enterprise, from byd and other large enterprises and universities to introduce technical talent, build their own research and development team; Persistent research and development and production of safe, efficient and reliable products. Adhering to the path of healthy development of independent research and development and independent production, in order to better cope with the changes of the future market, dalithium company introduced international advanced automatic production lines in 2019, and continued to strengthen the construction of quality assurance system, improve product quality and improve the production capacity advantage. In the future rapid development of the market, can fully meet the needs of enterprise cooperation product supply.

3. Establish an industry service platform to extend services from basic products to high-end

Lithium electronic in doing a good job of basic product after-sales service at the same time, in-depth understanding of the market, many customers will be concerned about the industry needs and pain point combination. The establishment of the lithium business school, in addition to meeting the basic customer after-sales service, at the same time to provide technical learning, industry information consulting explanation, quality supply resources services; Completed the extension from a pure product supplier to a high-end service field providing full life cycle skills, market and resource improvement; To become the industry's overall solution provider. Promote the industry to a healthier and faster development track!

Analysis the market with the result, to develop layout future!

The future has come, seize a better opportunity, lithium electronic confidence, is bound to create more brilliant! Also look forward to more industry elite hand in hand up to lithium, seize the opportunity to win the future!

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